Sell Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer

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Item: Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer
Model No: MFT-1-C
1. Photocatalyst mosquitoes killer and Air purifier
2. Ultra-violet attracting mosquitoes
3. CO2 produced by photocatalyst simulates human breath to tempt mosquitoes
4. The gravitation of whirlwind flow to suck mosquitoes in
5. Safely hidden hi-tension electric nets to electrify mosquitoes and flies
6. Air fleshing as a by-product of photocatalyst

1. By using the ultra-violet lamp and photocatalyst technique to produce ultra-violet light and CO2 to efficiently attract mosquitoes, kill bacteria, elimilate odor and purify air.
2. The photocatalyst also cleans the air as a by-product. Therefore this equipment is extremely suitable for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, as it is odorless, smokeless, nontoxic, noiseless, energy saving, safe and high efficient.