Sell Photoluminescent Pigment

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Luminglight luminating pigments emit light by absorption of various visible lights and can be repeatedly used. The products do not contain any radiating elements and can be evenly spread as an additive among the transparent agents such as coating, ink, paint, plastics, cereal, glass, fiber to activate the emitting functions of the agents. They can be mixed with varnishes and resins and made into luminescent paints. Such luminescent pigments can endow the paints with the function of luminescence in darkness. When the paints absorb light in daytime for 10 to 30 minutes, they will be luminescent in darkness for more than 12 hours. Moreover, such function light absorption-light radiation can be recycled infinitely.
The pigments can be used for emergent lighting, indication marks and embellishment. The products made from the pigments can be safely applied to both daily consumables like apparel, footwear, stationery, switch, fishing kits and the systems of transportation, military, architecture, etc.