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Light-absorbing and light-emitting Escape Indication Mark Series are one of our patented product series facing to the global market. With the property such as needless of electricity, convenient installation and 100% safe luminescence, these series have developed into the recommendable new fire-protecting products. The series have been widely used in fire protection, transportation, military affairs and security. On Sept 11, 2001, the world-shaking catastrophe greatly hurt the hearts of mankind. However, there still were 18,000 people escaped from the disaster. And our light-absorbing and light-emitting escape indication series have played an important role in this escape.
Marine security indication system is special for shipping, consisting of marine rescue security indication system and fire-protection identification indication system. This system is used for emergency passageway evacuation indication, stair identification, identification line, corridors & wall identification, ground identification, deck direction, lifesaving equipment identification, extinguisher identification, etc. , which guide people to escape from the danger to reach the safe regions.