Sell Photometer(Clinical Chemistry Analyzer)

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# English display system completely.
# It has prompting for each operation, which is more convenient for the users. Even the first-time users can learn the operations quickly.
# Can print summary report list, keep at most 1000 tests, 100 samples and each sample has 256 tests.
# Has big EEPROM. The user can set up 96 tests in 6 different sub-divisions as: assay1, assay2, assay3, assay4, assay5, assay6. Each test has at most 6 different standard calibrators.
# The kinetic measuring time of our photometer can last for 66 minutes, which is very useful for research and pharmacy analysis.
# If special fitting (include in standard accessory) is applied, our photometer can be used to measure coagulation time . The method of coagulation time measurement is absorbance, and we use the half of absorbance increment as the criterion of coagulating process.