Sell Photon Device For Acne Removal & Rejuvenation

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New Cosmetic Weapon SKIN CARE EXPERT
Photon Device For Acne Removal & Rejuvenation
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Promote absorption of the effective constitutions
Destroy the growth of P. acne
Provide energy for the maintenance repair function of the tissues

The device is a drug free, pain free, risk free, lightweight and portable, low level narrow band red and blue light device for the treatment of all types of acne and other skin problems for young and adults. It emits a low power light which does not emits heat and does not hurt or burn your tissues. The device is easily operated, it is reliable and performance is steady.

''It is adopted by lots of beauty center and for professional use. ''
In China, we sell the device in supermarkets, TV shopping, Post magazine, Cosmetic shops, Hospital. . .


The device emits low power red light, fits in with human cells best. It can destroy the growth of P. acne, offers the energy that cells need, activates cells, clean sebaceous gland; the blue light can destroy the growth of P. acne, reduces or eliminates harmful free fatty acids and low molecular multi-peptides, prevents the sebaceous glands and the hair-follicle wall from blocking and suffering injury.
The device was found to be an effective treatment for acne in the inflammatory stage. In cases of severe acne, it is recommended to combine antibiotic together with the device's treatment. It has compatibility, and with the traditional method the treatment period will be shortened.


It provides energy for the maintenance repair function of the tissues, promotes absorption of the effective constitutes and cells regeneration, resist oxidation, stimulates collagen regeneration, prevents aging, makes the skin tight to be real and flexible, maintains skin in high-point, and prevents skin wound from scar.

Better effect in several times with related cream or gel for acne and rejuvenation.
ACNE: better effect with anti-acne cream.
REJUVENATION: better effect with related cream or gel. e. g. for pigment spot with related cream.
Supply Capacity
20000Units Per Month
Available Colors
purple and pink
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110-240 volts
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T
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