Sell Photon Mosquito Repeller with energy saving

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1) Single-U (12, 9W) : spile
2) Functions: repelling mosquito, effectively limit the diseases such as dengue fever,
malaria and encephalitis B that are spread by mosquito
3) Harmless, non-toxic, non-radiation, protecting the environment
4) Safe and reliable to use
5) Can be installed in any place at home as required
6) Quality: electric-saving 70%
7) Lifetime: 3000h
8) Measures up the national IEC safe standard

Photon mosquito repeller is used to repel mosquitoes effectively in any direction, but it not for killing them. We have made many positive testing in different regions of China, and some of southeast countries. The work principle of product is like this: As we know, insect vision is very different from human's. The study indicate that insects are attracted to light in the UV part of the spectrum, in opposite way, they should feel uncomfortable in certain part . base on this, Our engineers made out a yellow luminous pigment which is coatd on the inner of the glass bulb can cover the UV radiation when it turns on, and in the meantime a special light source of an illuminating wavelength was given off to drive mosquitoes away.
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