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Equipment performance
The photosensitive portrait seal, as one kind of the present international latest seals, due to its convenience, clearness, long using time, and wide application, was rapidly promoted all over the country, and became a upgraded product of new generation in national seal industry. It is widely applied in portrait seal. With promulgates and implementation of Ministry of Public Security Standard GA421.92000, photosensitive seal had been considered as a first choice of standard seals.
The entire machine of photosensitive portrait seal made by our company adopts stainless steel enclosure, it has graceful outline, advanced compacted equipment design and endurance. To the domestic, the imported and the different thickness of photosensitive seal pad, it may form on exposure once only. It adapts to exposure of different voltage. The entire model adopts the superior imported quartz photosensitive lamp tube, made the high efficiency of exposure and the abundance of energy possible. The advanced design of power supply safeguarded the stability of the entire machine. The photosensitive seal machine needs not an ink pad, and the printer ink could be injected repeatedly. The printer ink does not proliferate, or fade away, and it was drip-dry. The seal is clear and invariant; it was free of the seal pressure, could serve 100,000 times above. Conforms to the requests of Seal Public Security Management Information System, it has simple operation and speedy engraving.

The main of technical parameters
Weight 7Kg
Voltage 220V110%/50Hz
Exposure area 110mmW80mm
Outline size 400mmW320mmW100mm
Quantity of the lamp tube 2
Exposure energy 1200J
Working environment requests clean
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