Sell Photovoltaic solar cells & systems

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Company is concentrated on production of high quality and customised photovoltaic solar cells, sales of PV system facilities and PV projects.
PV Cells: The company is producing PV cells made of crystal-line silicon with high conversion efficiency, excel-lent colour uniformity and with proven features. We are able to supply coloured cells and cells having tailored front side metallization. We produce PV cells from monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon.
PV Modules, PV Applications, PV Systems: Company supplies high-efficiency PV modules, electrical appliances containing own PV source of electric-ity and accessories of PV systems. PV modules and accessories of PV systems can be interesting for you as a source of electricity in locations without mains grid supply or where electricity is inaccessible (rural electrification of cottages, houses, farms, electricity supply of garden houses, caravans, yachts and for water pumping, irrigation, lighting, warning systems, grid breakdowns etc. ) , or for mains grid supply from units of kWp up to hundreds of kWp.