Sell Phthalocyanine blue BGS

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Phthalocyanine blue BGS
Molecular formula:C32H16N8Cu
Molecular weight:576.08
1. Characteristics:
Phthalocyanine blue BGS is greenish deep blue powder. It is (Beta) -stable style lattice, Bright coloured, high coloring ability, and it has good sunning-resistance, Thermal resistance, acidresistance, alkali tolerance, chemical resistance, infiltration resistance.
2. Usage
It is mainly used in making malachite blue tint printing ink; alkyd enamel, amino-resin baking enamel, nitro-paint, transparent paint in coating industry; and also used in coloring of plastics, things of culture & education, rubbers, Varnished rayon cloths, pigment printing.
3. Product specification
Appearance:The greendish deep blue powder
Dye-up take(compare with the standard sample) : 95%~105%
Moisture content(m/m) :1%max
Oil absorption: 35~45g/100g
Residne on sieve (100 mesh) : 5%(m/m) max
Hiding power (calculate with dry pigment) : 20 g/m3max
Salt in water solution:1.5%(m/m) max
Water immersion reaction(PH Value) :6~7.5
Sunning-resistance, class: 7~8
Heat resistance, class: 5
Acid resistance, class: 5
Alkali tolerance, class: 5
Water permeability, class: 5
Alcohol permeability, class: 5
Xylene permeability, class: 5
4. Package: In 25kg cardboard drum