Sell PhyX-500 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell

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PhyX series fuel cells are all based on Pearl's PASH technology. The unique technology can ensure fuel cells' stable operation in atrocious weather.
PhyX 220 fuel cell system is a highly integrated fuel cell system with compact design, who includes: fuel cell stack, fans, IC board and electromagnetive valve. 220W is a suitable power for the mobile applications, for instance PSP, laptop and electric bicycle.
Products characters:
Light weight and small size;
Low noise;
Simple system and high reliability;
Quick startup, good dynamic performance;
Excellent environment adaptability;
Simple control and communication policy.
Type Based on Pearl's PASH technology
Performance Rated power 220W*
Rated voltage 24V
Rated current 9.2A
DC Voltage range 20-36V
Fuel Efficiency >=50%
Fuel Pure hydrogen >=99.95%
Pressure 0.40.5bar
Hydrogen consumption 3L/min(rated power)
Oxidant/coolant Air
Pressure Ambient Pressure
Characteristics Mass 1300g/1820g
LengthWwidthWheight 185mmW110mmW80mm
Operation Condition Environment temperature -50400
Relative Humidity 20%-95%
*Data achieved at the surrounding temperature range from 150-350 and the RH% from 30 - 90%.
 It is the data of fuel cells with casing.