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High Activity Phytase Powder 50000~70000U/g Nearly white or slightly yellow powder For dilution to make other kind of product
Thermo-stable Phytase 5000U/g White or slightly yellow granule For granule feed of high-pelleting temperature more than 90 degree.

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for animal growth. Fifty to eighty percent of total phosphorus in the plant ingredients is in the form of phytate. Due to the lack of phytase in monogastric animals, the utilization of phytate phosphorus in feed is very low. So large amount of inorganic phosphorus must be added into feed. This may cause environmental pollution for most of indigestible phosphorus releasing into the environment. The addition of phytase can enhance digestion of phytate-phosphorus, reduce the amount and cost of inorganic phosphorus in feeds, increase the utilization efficiency of minerals, protein and other nutrients and finally protect our environment.
* One unit is defined as the amount of the enzyme that liberate 15mol phosphate from 5.0mmol/L sodium phytate in one minute under the condition of 370, pH 5.5.
Reference Standard
National Standard of China: GB/T 18634-2002
Avoid solarization, drench, and airproof condition,12 months under 250