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CAS No: 84-80-0 Structural formula:
Packing: 1KG or 5KG/aluminum bottles
Quality standard: USP26
Usage: Pharmaceutical: Used in blood coagulation.
Cosmetic: Active Ingredient in creams for care of noticeable surface veins. Used at concentrations between 0.5 and 5.0% max. (Check with the Federal Register for up-to-date permitted usage levels. )

Characteristics A clear intense yellow viscous oil iquid
Identification positive reaction
Refractive index 1.523~1.526
Reaction A 1 in 20 solution of it in dehydrated alcohol is neutral to litmus.
Menadione Conform
Z isomer content
21.0% MAX
Assay 97.0-103%
Minimum Order Quantity