Sell Phytosterol & Beta-sitosterols

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Phytosterol is extracted from vegetable oil. It can be used in medicine, cosmetics, animal growing, paper manufacture, printing, textile, food field and etc. Phytosterols contain beta-sitosterols, stigmasterol, brassicasterol and campesterol. Its specification is 90% and 95%.

Beta-sitosterols: 80%, 90%, 95%
Its function is as follows:
1. It is an important material for producing steroid drugs and Vitamin D3, e. g. , a key intermediate of the anti-SARS drug glucocorticoid.
It has been proved by application that it has significant curative effects on curing cervical cancer and skin cancer. In the combined therapy for later-stage cancer patients, (Beta) -sitosterol is a good choice.
2. It has the effects of lowering cholesterol level such as inhibiting human body absorbing cholesterol, promoting cholesterol metabolism and inhibiting cholesterol synthesis. It is proved by experiments that the blood cholesterol level of high-cholesterol sufferers will decrease 5-10% after taking various plant sterol mixture 10-20g/day. When taking (Beta) -sitosterol 10-15g/day, the blood cholesterol level will decrease 10-20%. 3. Therefore, plant sterol (mainly sitosterol) can prevent and cure cholesterol-related heart diseases such as coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. It also has a significant curative effect on ulcers, skin squamous cell carcinoma and cervical cancer.
4. It has a good anti-inflammation effect similar to hydrocortisone and butapirone. It is not restricted by the adrenal gland of pituitary and does not have any side effects of cortisone drugs. Moreover, (Beta) -sitosterol can remove favor, which is similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic) . Generally, common anti-inflammation drugs used in clinics will lead to ulcers. However (Beta) -sitosterol will not cause ulcers even applying a high dosage of 300mg/kg.
5. It can help wound healing and tissue regeneration, improve capillary blood circulation and has a good effect on healing and eliminating various injuries. Furthermore, it can combat early-stage non-viral hepatitis evoked by fatty liver.
Sterol has a good permeability in skin. A 2%-5% emulsion can lower fat lipoprotein, improve lipase activity, prevent erythema, suppress skin inflammation, keep the moist of the skin, improve skin metabolism, prevent skin aging and promote hair growth and keep hair in good condition. Therefore, it is used as nourishment in cosmetics. 6. According to the latest report that (Beta) -sitosterol can prevent hands, knees and feet from dryness and horniness and prevent forming clavus as well as change the touch feeling of skin. It also can be sued as a conditioner in shampoo to make hair strong, not to break, lower electrostatic effect and protect scalp. So far as a result (Beta) -sitosterol has replaced cholesterol to be widely used in cosmetic production hair such as conditioner and hair growth promoting perfume and so on.
7. It can control and combat bacteria yield. When (Beta) -sitosterol is absorbed, it can be mis-swallowed by bacteria and cause bacteria variation so as to lower the production of toxins and lower bacteria ability to invade human bodies. The effect of anti-inflammation is better than that of the major antibiotics used currently.
8. (Beta) -sitosterol can stabilize and repair liver cell membrane and keep live cells in healthy condition. Therefore, (Beta) -sitosterol is a high-quality and natural active substance for safeguarding and protecting liver.