Sell Pig Hairs

Pig Hairs You May Also Be Interested In: boiled bristles
our Bristles processing factory established in 1992, we specialize in manufacturing bristles of various, using all the modern processing equipment. We have a professional management and a strict quality inspection system. We provide all kind of bristles especially Hankow, Chungking, Shanghai Tsingtao white, black and gray boiled bristles.

We can supply boiled bristles as follows:

Boiled bristles:
1) Color: Black, natural white, gray
2) Length: 44 - 152mm and above
3) Tops: Black 60-90%, gray 60-90%; White: 60-90%
4) Packing: 25kg/carton

Other bristles:
Bleached white bristles
Washed bristles
Dyed bristles
Bleached and boiled bristles