Sell Pigment & Dye - Common Print Pigment Emulsion

Pigment & Dye - Common Print Pigment Emulsion You May Also Be Interested In: pigment dye pigment emulsion printing pigment
We sell printing pigment emulsion and organic pigment. Our printing pigment emulsion includes common printing pigment emulsion and evironmental pigment emulsion.

Our common printing pigment includes:
8110 Bright Red, 8111 Scarlet FFG, 8112 Scarlet FFG, 8113 Cerise FITR, 8115 Bordeaux FR2BD, 8116 Red Violet FFRN, 8117 Red Orange FGRN, 8118 Pink FRB, 8118-A Pink FRB, 8119 Rubine FBB, 8120 Rose Red, Brilliant Yellow F7G, 8221 Brilliant Yellow, 8202 Medium Yellow FG, 8204 Golden Yellow FGR, 8205 Golden Yellow FGR, 8206 Orange FGR, 8301 Blue FFG, 8302 Brilliant Blue FBL, 8303 Turquoise Blue FGB, 8304 Navy Blue FR, 8304-A Navy Blue FR, 8401 White FTW
8401-A White FTW, 8402 Special White, 8403 Special White, 8501 Black FBRN, 8502 Blue Grey FBRN, 8601 Green FB, 8603 Turquoise Green F4R, 8701 Violet FFRN, 8702 Violet FFRN, 8801 Brown F2R, 8802 Brown FRL.

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