Sell Pigments and Dyestuff

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GUARANTEED REAGENTAS (GR) : Useful for analytical purpose and research work. This is similar to Grade marketed by other International Co's as :ACS, ANALAR, AR, ANALYTICAL REAGENT, PURISS, PA (Proanalysis) .

FOR SYNTHESIS: General Purpose reagents used in many potential applications in Chemical
laboratories. Careful control ensure ensures that a consistently high defined
Quality is maintained throughout.

PURE, EXTRA PURE, PURIFIED: Purified commercial products used in many Chemical laboratories.

HPLC GRADE: Key parameters such as UV Absorbance, transmittance, non-volatile
Matter, moisture contents, fluorescence impurities and assay are very carefully controlled.

STAINS : A wide range of stains with excellent staining properties and power to retain colours for a long duration, ideal for Microbiology, Histology, Hematology & Cytology.

BIOCHEMICALS : highly purified reagents for research and analysis. They are free from inhibitors such as traces of heavy metals etc.

FOR MICROBIOLOGY : A broad range of Culture Media bases, additives, stains and
Indicators for use in detection, growth and identification of organism.

FOR ION PAIR CHROMATOGRAPHY : Optimum transmittance for accurate results in Reverse phase chromatography.