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Pile WeatherSeal

A product with dynamic characteristics for sealing the perimeter gap when the openable elements of a window or door are in the closed position, one whose essential element is a closely woven textile yarn interlaced to backing. The yarn (bristles) is made of polypropylene & is available in different colours as well as heights & densities.

polypropylene pile weather-strips , siliconised polypropylene pile weather-strips, and siliconised polypropylene barrier fin pile weather-strip, sizes as follows:

1- Strip Pile,5.0 mm X 5.25 mm 3P,175 m/reel
2- Strip Pile - 5.0 mm X 8.00 mm 3P 150 m/reel
3- Strip Pile - 6.7 mm X 6.00 mm 3P,150 m/reel
4- Self-adhesive weather-strip, used for large gaps, Size is 35.0 mm X 12.0 mm 20P.

Definition & Illustration Of Some Used Terms:

- Polypropylene Pile: UV Stabilised To Combat The Effects Of Strong Sunlight. Reduced Friction For Easy Sliding. Fibres Are Separate And Will Conform To Surface Variations. Optimum Performance In All Weather Conditions

- Backing: Extruded Polypropylene. Integral Bond Between Fabric And Backing. Locks Pile Fibre Firmly Into Place To Prevent Shredding. Gives A Strong, Rigid Back For Easy Insertion. Flexible For Smooth Reeling And Handling. Wide Range Of Standard Backing Widths.

- Center Fin: Double Layer Of Polypropylene Film. UV Stabilised To Combat The Effects Of Strong Sunlight. Provides A Solid Line Of Protection Against Air Infiltration And Water Penetration. Reduce Friction For Easier Sliding.

- 3P & 20P Stands For Bristle Density Of Product

- PB Stands For Polybond - The Processing Of Bonding Of Base

- FP Stands For Weather Strip With Film (Of Brush Height) At Center

- HF Stands For Weather Strip With Film (Taller Than Brush) At Center

Usage :
It is used by manufacturers of window and doors for sliding or compression applications where seal, stabilisation of the aluminium or PVC frames needed.