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Every day cheer for your health by speaking, accompany you to form nutrition habit; validate nutrition curative effects, care for familys health every day continuously.

Intelligent timing: only one key, press it once to time; built-in CPU chip with OneKeyTimer patent technology

Humanization: automatically study and remember users habit, easy to use, fit for elders, forgettable and no specifications person

Speaking: hello, remember me! remind you by digital sound at every timing point.

Environmental protection: all of materials and frame design accord with ROHS & WEEE certification, design of separating metal with plastic components is easy to reclaim

Health: food grade environmental protection material; outer box made of PC aether glass and broken-resisted; inner box made of PP with Nano-silver technology and keep longtime antibacterial effect.

Fashion: one chance for showing your elegance and health life attitude; the best gift for showing your caring and blessing for your relative.
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