Sell Pin Bush Type Brake Drum cum Flexible Coupling

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ROMA make ROMAFLEX Brake Drum couplings serve dual purpose of flexible coupling as well as providing brakedrum for mounting brake within the same space. The coupling can be used with all kinds of brakes with shoes; Electromagnetic, Thruster, Band etc.

The material of the couplings is high grade Cast Iron, Power transmitted from one half to other through steel pins precision machined passing through specially bonded rubber bushes. The elastic properties of rubber bushes enable the coupling to take shock loads, torsional vibrations and misalignment.

The units can be operated in either direction require no lubrication and are unaffected by water, dust and atmospheric conditions.

NOTE: - Non-standard brakedrum size also available. Kindly refer to us for details.

Advantages for Pin Bush Type Brake Drum cum Flexible Coupling

Robust Design
Easily replaceable flexible elements i. e.
rubber bushes
Provides Resiliency in the system
against shocks, surge loads
Low Maintenance
Can absorb various misalignments viz.
Angular, Parallel, Combined Angular-
Parallel including End-Float of shafts

Basic Data required for selection of Couplings:

Transmitted (Effective) Power in HP/KW or
Torque Transmitted in Kg. M. / Nm
Coupling Speed in r. p. m.
Motor Power & Speed (HP / KW & r. p. m. )
Brake Drum Size (Dia. x Width)
Shaft Size (Dia. x Length) in m. m. on
Driving Side
Shaft Size (Dia. x Length) in m. m. on Driven Side
Application (i. e. Type of machine, load etc)
Mounting (i. e. Horizontal or Vertical
or Inclined)
Ambient Temperature
Any other special condition
Brand Name
Model Number