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SunImpex provides Pineapple Pulp of fresh tropical pineapples. Pineapples are cultivated in many tropical regions throughout the world for commercial use.
Pineapple Pulp is obtained by basic processing of peeled pineapple pulp by crushing. Pulp may be preserved by thermal treatment, by preservatives addition and proper handling in either small packages, or in bulk packages for further industrial processing and formulations as ice cream mixes, jellies, jams, sodas, and etc.

Main Specifications:
Product Pineapple Pulp
Brix Min.9
Acidity 0.35%
Packing Types 3.1 kg Tin, 850 g Tin, Aseptic Packs
Tins per Carton 3.1 kg X 6 Tins, 850 kg X 24 Tins, 215 kg Barrel

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