Sell Pinghe GuanXi Honey Pomelo

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we can supply GUanXi Honey Pomelo
Guanxi Honey Pomelo is grown in Pinghe of Fujian Province, which has enjoyed a 500 years of Pomelo growing history. The pomelo is seedless, mild, succulent and always with a rich fragrance of honey. Juice of the pomelo is sweet and sometimes with a little sour, its particular pleasant taste usually makes you want to have another piece.
Besides to be a tasty fruit, Guanxi Pomelo also functions a lot in the nutrition field. It contains several kinds of vitamins, sugar and more than ten sorts of other mineral components as magnesium, calcium, copper, aluminum, titanium and etc, especially richer in magnesium, calcium and copper than other fruit. As researched, the Guanxi Honey Pomelo can adjust human body!jr metabolism, reduce blood pressure, clear throat, relieve a cough and contribute to a better appetite. It can also help those who take in too much alcoholic