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Pipe wrap glassfiber mat
S-PM mat is used as base material for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines that buried undergroud for oil or gas transportation. It possesses the features of high intensity, even thickness, flexible, corrosion resistance and inflaming retarding etc. It has a good compatibility with coal tar, pitch etc, so the underground transportation pipe wrapped with coal tar and pitch S-PM mat possesses excellent resistance to permeate and various mediums and has a longer service life and less repairing and changing cost. All technical data of S-PM series fiberglass felt can meet or even surpasses the specification stipulated in the related standard of china. Therefore, S-PM mat series is the ideal base material of internal and external wrapping strip.
Main Specification: Space Between Yarns 30mm.
Area weight: 50g/m2 60g/m2 90g/m2
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