Sell Pipeline Crawler (inspection machines)

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HR-90 Pipeline Crawler
Component configuration:
Propulsion car with X-ray driving modul: HR-90
X-ray head: XXH-3005
Battery: 12* 7Ah 12V Lead-Acid batterys
Battery charger:CDQ-6
Pilot command magnetic:HR-EID

1 Propulsion car features
1.1 Porpulsion car dimensions and weight
Lenghth with X-ray holder and X-ray driving modul: 1250
Width with long axis wheels 500mm. Width with short axis wheels 433mm. Width without wheels 322mm
Weight without Battery 49kg.
Weight of Battery 71kg,
1.2 Crawl features
Maximum climbling : 40
Use 4 driving wheel, so has well Performance on slope.
Pipeline diameter range:
Standard car- 610mm ~ 1400mm.
Car with special short axis wheels  508mm.
Maximum bend: 7D.
DC motor propulsion modul: a 30A electronic driving modul and a spare circuit which can driving the car back in emergency.
Speed moving: 18m/min.
The same speed in level and bevel pipe.
Maximum moving distance: > 4.2 kilometer (out and home)
Operating temperature: -20 ~ +70
Total exposuring time at 300kV: 30min
1.3 Propulsion car control panel
Component: 3 button, 6 LED indicator and 4 digital LED windows
It can remember the operator setting tube voltage, exposure time, and other parameters in the EEPROM, and load it when power up.
Digital LED windows can display the battery voltage, Error code and other information.
1.4 X-ray head driving modul
X-ray head driving modul is put in a seal container at the back of the propulsion car. Only its heat radiator has airflow that cooling by 2 fans.
Modular construction and easy to replace
Credible protection circuit.
Season / run-in the X-ray tube automaticly according operator command
1.5 Safeguard function
Detect barrier or water in the piple.
Detect battery less voltage
Detect X-ray head over current, over voltage, less voltage, over temperature, flashing and other problem.
Return automaticly and show the error code on digital LED windows if has fault.
2 XXH-3005 X-ray head
Dimension: Height- 830mm, Diameter-300mm
Weight: 40kg
Glass tube Anode target: Conic target
X-ray range: 30*360
Maximum penetration: 40mm A3 steel
Adjusting exposuring time: 0.2  7min
Adjusting tube voltage: 170kV  300kV
3 CDQ-6 Battery charger
CDQ-6 charge 12 number 12V Lead- acid Batterys or 6 number 24V Batterys at same time.
Charging step:Pre-charge qualification -> Fast charge:current regulation-> Fast charge:voltage regulation-> Maintenance charging.
Provides temperature-compensated maintenance(float) charging to maintain battery capacity.
Dimension: Lenght*width*Height=510*450*147mm
Total weight: 12kg
Power supply:AC220V +- 20%
Charge current:2.2A
4 HR-EID Pilot command magnetic
Pilot precision: <=15mm
Penetrate thickness: <=30mm
Working ambient temperature: -20 ~ 70