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Piston Filler For Viscous Liquid
Model: HF-V-S

HF-V-S piston fillers are highly versatile, operator simplistic, and robust filling machines. They handle water thin to highly viscous products and can be equipped to handle products containing larger chunks or particles. This model features the highly acclaimed and accurate 3-way valve mechanism with fittings for the hopper, product cylinder and nozzle.
Suitable for filling Honey, yoghourt, bath lu, shampoo, hand-washing liquid, cream, liquid soap, butter, etc.

1 Highly versatile, used for many liquids;
2 Very easy to operate;
3 Accurate and repeatable;
4 Easy to disassemble and clean;
5 Product cylinder is made of stainless steel 316, meeting food grade requirements;
6 Surface of platform is wiredrawing and anti-finger printing processed, nice look and anti-rusty.

Model Filling range Pneumatic Net weight Packing size(cm)
HF-CK-S60 5-60 ml 25 L/min 11 kg L92xW28xH40
HF-CK-S120 10-120 ml 32 L/min 22 kg L92xW28xH40
HF-CK-S250 25-250 ml 40 L/min 25 kg L102xW30xH40
HF-CK-S500 50-500 ml 50 L/min 28 kg L108xW32xH41
HF-CK-S1000 100-1000 ml 130 L/min 36 kg L128xW36xH41
HF-CK-S2500 250-2500 ml 300 L/min 60 kg L130xW60xH51
HF-CK-S5000 500-5000 ml 450 L/min 75 kg L130xW60xH51
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