Sell Pitch 16mm Virtual Outdoor Full Color Display 2R1G1B

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Product name: Pitch 16mm Outdoor display
Size of steel cabinet: 1024mm(H) *1024mm(V) *140mm(D)
Composition: 2R1G1B virtual display
Resolution: 3906pixels/sqm
Brightness: approx.10000nits
Lifetime: over 100,000 hours
Viewing angle: 120deg/40deg
Visible angle: 160deg/60deg
Power consumption: 1.8W/cabinet(max. ) 1.1KW/cabinet(norm)
Scanning frequency: 610Hz /2440 Hz still scanning
Refreshing: 60-85-100Hz
Color processing: 13bits/16bits 16.7M true colors

1. Grayscale start from 0-255, not 15-255.
2. Silicon is for 10years, not one year.
3. The mask and plastic are UV protected.
4. The LED chips are well ESD protected.
5. Power supplies are MW brand.
6. The PCB design is good for the life of IC.
7. There are also some other good features which
we can introduce during the correspondance.