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Art. No. : PRO-PM04
ORIENT Baseballs manufacturer's warning
labels generally urge the use of machine
pitch dimple balls with most machines.
These are the seamless yellow balls
you see being used at batting cages.
They are the same size and weight as leather baseballs.
They fly straighter and last longer than leather baseballs,
plus they are easier on player?s hands and bats.
We've got 'em. Order by the dozen, as many as you need.
Our balls are 85% hard with 15% compression and will
not dent an aluminum or wood bat.
Cheaper dimple balls are 100% hard and can dent your bat.
9" Pitching Machine Dimple Range Baseballs
from Markwor(OneDozen)
White (W) , Yellow (Y) , Orange (O)
Available Sizes
Unique sting-free formula
Will not dent aluminum bats
Specifically designed for use in pitching machines
Official size and weight
One year guarantee
Terms of Payment
T/T etc
Terms of Sale