Sell Pitted & Unpitted Sayer dates

Pitted & Unpitted Sayer dates
Pitted and Unpitted Sayer dates
Dark brown in color.
Type: Simi-dry with moisture content under 16%.
Harvesting : in October.
Natural shelf life is 18 months at room temperature.
Types of Sayer date which available pitted or un-pitted are as follows:
1. Select grade A max. 75 pieces/ lb.
2. Select grade B max. 85 pieces/lb.
3. GAQ type is max. 115 pieces/lb.
PACKING: in deferent sizes ( 100 , 200 ,250 and 500gr ) wrapped in cellophane and 10kg in bulk.
Brand Name
Model Number
Simi dry dates
Minimum Order Quantity
one 20ft FCL
Terms of Sale