Sell Pixel Light Series

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1. To use the small LED lights as light-emitting display units can achieve the dynamic effects from one point to the whole surface by blending the LED pixel points, .
2. If its controlled through the computer synchronization control system, it can produce many kinds of colors and combinations of change in darkness and brightness , playing the real-time synchronization dynamic color-changing effects on the computer such as flash, animation, written language etc. ,
3. To be controlled by DMX accoustic control system, flowing in the canopy of the heavens with the cheerful and strong music rhythm, combining the scene of the extraordinary color and different splendor. ;
4. No sense of thermal radiation; green light source, extremely low power consumption, especially economical; super-long service life, up to 50,000 hours.
5. High brightness, even light color, the effect of color mixing is good.
Scope of Application
Building, entertainment places, bars, stage light dynamic setting decoration and so on.