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The Vegetarian by Pizza Paesana - a totally handmade product - is precooked, manually garnished and then frozen.
Corn meal, water, salt, extra vergine olive oil and yeast.
24 hours
mozzarella cheese, vegetables mixture (variable quantity of courgettes, asparagus, and artichokes, extra vergine olive oil, onion, salt, flavour exalter: monopodic glutamate, parsley, garlic and pepper) spinach cream (fresh whole milk, extra vergine olive oil, soft wheat flour, salt, spinach, flavour exalter: monopodic glutamate and nutmeg) .
All specifications of the products used can be looked up in the technical charts of each ingredient.
Freezing process
The technology used to freeze the Vegetarian Pizza by Pizza Paesana (N2) preserves the products for twelve months, without any preservative or additive. Freezing temperature 180C.
Nutritional charts
(medium range values for 100g of product)
Proteins: 9.6%
Lipids: 8.5%
Carbohydrate: 27.8%
Nutritional Facts: 226 Kcal/100 g (947 Kj/100 g)
Brand Name
Pizza Paesana
cm 30X30X4
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
EAN 8024839002020
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pallet = 660 units
g 660