Sell Plain Socks knitting machine

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Specification: ST-603
Use for: Plain Socks
Cylinder Diameter(") : 3+1/2"
Needle Count(N) : 84-220
Running Speed (RPM) : 350-400 Control: Servo Driver
Power Required(kw)
Drive Motor: 0.85
Fan Motor: 0.75
Control Box: 0.80
Floor Space (W*L*H) : 150*120*240
Net: 330
Gross: 400
Packing Size (W*L*H) : 110*100*180

The characteristics of performance:
1. With drumless, fully electronic control system, compact conformation and high rotating speed, we only need to input the chain program to the machine when we want to change socks patterns. The time for advance and retreat of all the switch blades and parts is input by figure. We can not only provide customers with the chain program of more than 200 kinds of socks patterns, but also workout programs according to customers requirements.
2. The feeding yarn system: main yarn path (8 shuttle) and 5 groups of subsidiary eating yarn paths (3 shuttle per group) can be on the same course. Shuttles in the same yarn path change the action of rise and fall in the distance of about 18 needles (equal to more than 6 kinds of colors on the same course)
3. High rotating speed and high output. It can reach 300RPM370RPM when knitting the body of socks,400RPM maximum. The daily output of ankle socks can reach about 30 dozens.
4. With the most advanced Italian Deimo controller, it has the advantage of ample function, simple and convenient operation, expedient maintenance. Moreover, error message can be shown on the screen for solving common faults.
5. Elastic apparatus can set different speeds for delivering yarn and set to weave variant leg of stocking in different phases, from small to big or big to small, meeting the demand of different elastic.
6. It only needs to reciprocate in the appointed extension to make the heel part and toe part, so that it can improve the weaving efficacy.
7. Adopt full automatic program oiling system to control oiling.
8. Techniques adjustment can directly be realized through computer or controlling board, adjusting the weaving density, speed, cyclomatic number, output, and so on.
9. The structure of socks knitting machines is delicate and compact. Whats more, its convenient to take subassembly apart, which makes it very easy to change the needle cylinder. After changing the needle cylinder, program only need to be worked on the keyboard.
10. The flower patterns designing system possesses the characteristics of handy operation, easy application and simpleness for understanding. It can be run on any computer compatible with DOS/WINDOWS3. X/WINDOWS95/98/2000/XP.