Sell Plain weave mesh

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The ain weave mesh was woven by the high-quality stainless steel silk, the stainless steel network was divided into plain weave, twill, three kinds microgrooves (mat type network ) . The material is divided into SUS302 , 304 , 316 , 304L , 316L mainly, have acidproof , alkali-resisting , is able to bear the high temperature , wear-resisting performance of decreasing etc. the stronger one, have long performance life , is used in the trades , such as mining industry , petroleum , chemical industry , food , medicine , machine-building , electron , scientific research , etc. extensively.
The characteristic of weaving of the plain weave mesh is that each one was interlocked and woven by the silk and latitude silk, there is performance such as being acidproof , alkali-resisting , corrosion-resistant , wear-resisting , level the network , the hole of the network is even , have long performance life , is used in the trades , such as industry's filtering , petroleum , plastic , chemical industry , food , medicine , scientific research , etc. extensively.