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For the bakery mixer , we main manufacture three kinds . One is spiral mixer (Main use for mixer the dough ) ; second is Fresh milk mixer ( that main is use for mix the mill ) ; at lst is the Planetry mixer (that not only can mixer the milk stuffing and so on , but also can manufacture the dough ) .

1. Planetry mixer
The bowl , hook , whip and the beater are all is manufacture by the stainless steel .

2. Spiral mixer
YT-series Double Speed Screw Spiral Mixers
About the spiral mixer we have three kinds : one is Microcomputer type ; Time control and the Manual Control .
The Microcomputer type only need set time program complete , arriving at full automation operation .

Microcomputer type ; Time control and the Manual Control . these three Control Panels are available for Customes choice .

3. YT-5 Fresh milk mixer

The machine mainly use to make cake and mix fresh milk , high speed Planetry running which can make the metrials mixed well within a short time . The whole gear drive , stepless speed regulation .

Spiral Mixer ( 25 kg. to 200 kg. )
- Planetary mixer ( 5 lt. to 80 lt. )

My machine have Automatic bread line , Toast line , spiral mixer, planetary mixer, dough sheeter, proofer , oven , dough divider and rounder , rack and all types trays and other bakery machine . . If you are intrested in my machine , pls give me a letter and i will give u my quoted price.

Now we are interested in empolder the oversees market. So we hope all the clients can contact with us !
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