Sell Plant Extract (Epimedium Extract )

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For most of Westerners, of all the tradtional Chinese herbal medicines, ginseng is one of the most popular herbs for strengthening sexual desire. However, there is another herb for improving the sex drive, Epimedium. Icariin extracted from Epimedium stimulates the neurofibers of the whole body. Furthermore, experiments have shown that the stimulation is mainly concentrated on the sexual organs. Epimedium extract (flavones >= 20%) produced in our factory is very popular amongst customers because of reliable quality.

1) Extracted part: leaf and stem
2) Extract solvent: ethanol
3) Extract medium: none
4) Appearance: Yellow green powder
5) Particle size: passed 80 mesh
6) Arsenic: <= 2ppm
7) Heavy metals: <= 20ppm
8) Icariin (by HPLC) : >= 10% -30%
9) Total plate count: < 1000cuf/G

Inner packing:
25kg/double-layer aluminum foil bag

Outer packing:
Fiberboard drum