Sell Plant Extract (Huperzine-A)

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Description Of Huperzine-A

Model Number:No.2
prodcut name:Huperzine-A

It is the active ingredient extracted from Huprzia serrata(lycopodium serratum) , originated in China. Our factory originates the most advanced technology at home, which separates and refines the ingredient, the purity of which amounts to more than 98%. It is the new compound with high efficacy and low toxicity, which can inhibit elastic choline esterase. Besides, it is the new medicine curing senile dementia, ratified by the health ministry. It can improve the benignant memoty disorder, associable study, image recall, meaningless pattern recognition and human portrait remembrance, and memory disorder resulting from the dementia and cerebral diseases.

1) Refined Huperzine-A: >= 1-98% (HPLC)
2) Pure Huperzine-A: >= 98%
3) Product name: Huperzine
4) Extracted part: entire herb except roots
5) Extract solvent: none
6) Extract medium: none
7) Appearance: white crystalline powder
8) No odor and moisture absorption
9) Arsenic: <= 1ppm
10) Hg: <= 10ppm
11) Heavy metals: <= 20ppm
12) Pesticide: <= 10ppm

Inner packing:
25kg/double-layer aluminum foil bag