Sell Plant Extract (Immature Bitter Orange Extract )

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The principal active ingredients of the extract are synephrine and N-methyltyramine, which can stimulate the heart and make the blood vessels contract. This raises the blood pressure, expands trachea and bronchi, resists thrombo-embolia, and improves the smooth muscle of blood vessels. Clinically, it has been used for weak hearts, bronchitis patients, and drops in blood pressure during operation or anesthesia.

1) Appearance: brownish yellow to yellowish brown powder
2) Moisture: <= 5.0%
3) Heavy metals: <= 20ppm
4) Loss on drying: <= 5.0%
5) Synephrine (HPLC) : >= 30%
6) N-methyltyramine: >= 1%

Inner packing:
25kg/double-layer aluminum foil bag

Outer packing:
Fiberboard drum