Sell Plant Extract (Red clover leaf extract )

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Red clover leaves belonging to leguminosae, a kind of perennial herb produced originally in Europe and western and Asia. At present, it is widely planted all over the world, a kind of plant in temperate zone. Its extract is dark brown powder. It singly contains the four rich, balanced isoflavones(Biochanin A, Formononetin, Genistein and Daidzein) with high estrogen. It can prevent adenocarcinoma of breast, prostatic carcinoma and carcinoma of colon, improve osteoporosis and mehopausal syndrome obviously. Besides, it is widely used in health care products. It contains scarcely any heat capacity. Nor can it fat persons. After digestion and metabolism, Formononetin turns into genistein, raising the active isoflavones in blood.

Product name : Red clover leaf extract
Botanical name : Trifolium pratense L
Part used : branches with flowers and leaves
Description : beige powder
Total flavone : 8%,20%,40%
Particle size: 80mesh
Loss on drying: <=5.0%
Heavy metals: <=20PPM
Arsenic: <2ppm
Total plate count: <=1000cfu/g
Molds&Yeasts: <=100cfu/g
E-coil: Negative
Salmonella : Negative