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ShoreGrow garden products are all manufactured from sustainable resources. ShoreGrow products are manufactured from fresh brown seaweed (Ecklonia Maxima & Laminaria Digitata) harvested from unpolluted waters. We import from seaweed processors throughout the world to ensure that only the highest quality materials go into our products.

ShoreGrow is 100% natural, has no artificial additives, is responsibly harvested and is environmentally friendly. ShoreGrow promotes faster germination of seeds, faster growth in plants, stronger plants and a higher success rate when transplanting seedlings. Seaweed also increases the plants natural defences against pathogens and improves stress and frost resistance.

ShoreGrow Plant Gel RGF-1 (175ml tube)

This unique tubed product is a pure seaweed gel containing an ideal balance of nutrients for most indoor plants, hanging baskets, pots and grow bags. Ready to use, all the customer has to do is simply give each plant a small squeeze of the product once a fortnight to ensure healthy growth and development.

Trace elements: N, P, K, Na and Mg.
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