Sell Plant and Herbal extracts

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shaanxi huisheng medicament technology co. , ltd is a manufacturer of natural plant extract in xi'an china. we could manutacture hundreds of products, the following is our main items list :

Product list
Series of monomer component
paclitaxel 99%
synephrine 98%
salicin 98%
reserpine 98%
tanshinoneIIA 95%/98%
rutin 95%
genistein 80%/90%/95%/98%
sinomenine 98%
homoharringtonine 98%
ursolic acid 25%/70%/95%
eleutherosideB+E 98%
Icariin 80%
diosgenine 98%
protodiosin 90%
jujubosideA+B 15%/90%
Emodin 50%/60%/95%/98%
Puerarin 40%/60%/98%
Podophyllotoxin 98%
Chlorogenic acid 40%/95%/98%
oxymatrine 98%
soyisoflavone 40%/98%
luteolin 95%
chicoric aci 90%
matrine 95%/98%
resveratrol 10% to 98% inclusive
polydatin 20% to 98% inclusive
glycyrrhizaic acid 40%/75%/95%
silymarin 80%

series of natural herbal extract powder

red clover p. e. isoflavones8%/20%/40%
bilberry p. e anthocyanidins25%
epimedium p. e icariin5%/10%/20%/40%/50%
siverian ginseng p. e eleutherosideB+E0.8%/1%/5%/10%
jujuba extract jujuboside 1%
ginkgo biloba extract 24%/6%
rheum extract thein 0.5%
total tubeimosides 98%
pueraia p. e. isoflavones20%/40%/60%/80%
citrus aurantium p. e. synephrin4%/6%/8%/10%/30%
grape seed extract proanthocyanidin 95%
white willow bark p. e. salicin15%/20%/25%/30%
schisandra fruit p. e. schisandrins2%
st. johns wort p. e. hypericin0.3-0.4%
angelica root p. e. logustilide2%/10%
tribulus terestris p. e. tribulosides 40%/45%
rhodiola rosea extract salidroside 10%
tanshinones extract 10%
black cohosh p. e. triterpene glysoside2.5%
wild yam p. e. diosgenin6%/12%/16%/
Echinacea root p. e. chicoric acid2%/4%
gynostemma p. e gypenoside80%
hawthorn p. e. 2%/3%
milk thistle p. e. 80%
ginger root p. e.
bitter sophorn root p. e. matine0.2%
honey suckle flower p. e chlorogenic acid4%
giant knotweed extract resveratrols20%
eucommia bark extract
panax ginseng p. e. ginsenosides10%--80%
Ligustrum lucidum Ait. p. e.
loquat leaf extract
liquorice root extract
Ethanol Senna Leaf Extract