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Plaschem Electroless Nickel PEN-99 is a stable, ammonia-based electroless nickel plating bath.It is designed to produce a corrosion resistant, slight magnetic and hard nickel-phosphorus deposits.
PEN-99 produces a pore-free, bright layers non-staining deposit on properly prepared substrates. Typically, eight to ten MTO are obtained when plating on steel substrates and six on aluminium alloy substrates. The phosphorous content ranges between 6-9% and is dependent on pH and temperature of the bath.
The deposition speed ranges from 16-25 microns per hour and is dependent on temperature, pH and concentration.
The PEN-99 system is designed with the end user very much in mind. Excellent bath stability increases productivity by minimizing non-productive tank stripping time. The ammonia-based adjusted pH feature both simplifies operation and makes the bath ideal for use with automatic controllers.
PEN-99 electroless nickel deposits are suitable for a wide range of applications. Its properties make it specially suited for use in applications where corrosion resistance, slight-magnetic, ductility and heavy build-up capacity are required. Typical examples include petrol-chemical equipment, rigid memory disks, electronic components and heavy machinery.
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1000 tons per month
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15 tons