Sell Plasma Air Purifier

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Item: Plasma Air Purifier
Model No: PLAP-1
Power Comsumption Voltage: 17.5W
Size: 258*121*346mm
Weight: 2.3kg
Functions and Characteristic
air cleaner, air refresher

1. Pre-filter: Remove large pollutants such as thread, dust and animal fur.

2. Unique ion dust collector: Sterilization and inhibit virus, particular efficiency for smog, no material consuming and easy cleaning.

3. Activated carbon filter: Eliminate odor, smog and VOCs.

4. Photocatalysis nickel base filter(IAP-07-B only) : Sterilization/inhibit virus/ decompose formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other VOCs gases.

5. UV light(IAP-07-B only) : Sterilization and activate photocatalysis.

6. Ionizer: Supply large mass of negative ions, make you enjoy natural forest air.

7. Big angle infrared ray remote controller: Easy to operate, purifier can be used by hanging on the wall.

8. Wind speed of two shelves: Adapt to different environments, can be regulated by oneself.

9. Alarm function : Alarm to replace UV light.

Application Area: 25m2.