Sell Plasma Light, responds to music,

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Name: Plasma Light Plate responds to music, voice, and touch
1) The dolphin seems to come alive (with pinkish-orange lightning bolts) .
2) The lighting becomes stronger wherever you touch the ball.
3) If you touch the plate, the plasma magically moves toward your touch!
4) Music Much higher quality and larger than found in other stores!
5) We also carry plasma plates in blue and multi colored.
The shape can be made in animals, stars, heart, flowers or others.
6) Size:Large Plasma Light is 10-inches in diameter, made of real glass which is nearly 1/2" thick.
7) A switch on the lamp may be set to run continuously, or activate only by the sound of voice and music.
8) Plugs in to standard 110v outlet.
9) This is a really unique gift, and good for any sex, any age. We've not seen this product for sale elsewhere.
11) This is a great educational item, or may be used at parties, raves, or for that Executive in your life who needs something besides books in his office.