Sell Plastic/Rubber/Garden Hose

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Material: PU/PE/EVA/NY/Others you demand
Type: Spiral/Coil/Braided
Package: carton, weave/knitted bags, shrinkable film, blister package, color box.

PU Hose has excellent flexibility, small bevelling radius, good anti-knocking property, excellent chemical properties. It is non-toxic, tasteless and the nature is light. It can be used in the fields of industry robot, transporting liquid, protection coat, automobile manufacture, electric wire and cable, gardening and agricultural irrigation, and so on.

PE Hose can be used for fluid transmission, with bright color and good character. It also can be used to transport air and so on. It's rigid.
1, 4mm --8mm is used in sprinkler, drip irrigation system.
2, 10mm---16mm is used as branch hose in drip irrigation system.
3, 18mm---32mm is used in irrigation system.
4, 40mm---90mm is used as main tapes in agriculture irrigation system.

EVA hose is for home appliances with perfect performance and high quality and best price. According to different applications, the special products we also provides according to your demands.

Nylon hose is made by PA6 and PA12.
The compression resistance is high.
The elasticity is good, not easy to distort.
Use as automobile braking tube or drill tubing.
Can absorb impact and reduces the pipeline rubbing.
The operating temperature and the working pressure scope are wide.
The pressure loss is minimus.
Degree of hardness is constant.
The service life is long.

Custom-made specification and size are doable.
Conform to the ROHS environmental protection requirement.