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Detailed Product Description
Specifications: TGDG20-20 TGDG30-30 TGDG40-40
Width: 4.0m
Warp tensile strength (kN/m) : 20, 30, 40
Weft tensile strength (kN/m) 20, 30, 40
Warp elongation at max. strain: 13%
Weft elongation at max. strain: 16%
Tensile strength at 2% longitudinal strain >= (kN/m) : 8, 11, 13
Tensile strength at 2% transversal strain >= (kN/m) : 10, 13, 16
Tensile strength at 2% longitudinal strain >=(kN/m) : 10, 15, 18
Tensile strength at 5% transversal strain >= (kN/m) : 13, 15, 20
Packing: Naked and Packed in Export Container.

Plastic Biaxial Geogrid Introduction:
Like uniaxial geogrids, Biaxial geogrids are also made of macromolecule
polymer by the process of being stretched out, formed into lamella, punched regularly and then longitudinal and transverse elongated, which have much higher longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, especially in its prophase. These structure can provide soil a perfect and efficient standing and diffusing chain system a chain module, which be used broadly to enable the permanent bearing capacity of roadbed.

Biaxial geogrids can be used to enhancement of permanent bearable toft including roads and railways embankment, slopes, tunnel, airfields, parks, docks and ground which cargo lays on and their main usage are as follows:
A. Enhance the bearing capacity of road foundation and extend the duration of roads.
B. Prevent road surface from collapse, crack and being dirty.
C. Be convenient for construction, timesaving and cut down the cost of maintenance.
D. Prevent tunnel from crack occurring.
E. Further solidity slopes to proof water and soil from losses.
F. Reduce the surface thickness of the ground.
G. Consolidate the net for growing grass on the slopes so as to stabilization surrounding virescence.
H. Be used for artificial top net of mines instead of metal ones.
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