Sell Plastic Earthwork Grid Production Line

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Unidirectional stretching earthwork plastic grid unit GSB-Z1000 is a latest product developed by our corporation based on the well-developed technique of abroad and our many years of the plastic plate equipment production experience, it is chiefly used to produce different standards unidirectional earthwork plastic grid such as DG25, DG35 , DG50 , DG80 and DG110 and so on. The grids are extensively used in reinforcing roadbeds of expressway, municipal administration way, railroad and airplane runway, reinforcement engineering of reinforcing earth on both sides of road, railway and river; strengthening the dykes of river and sea; enclosing wall of orchard, vegetable plot, domestic animal and construction site etc.
This kind of grid is manufactured by the macromolecule polymer being extruded and afterwards vertical stretching, having the great of stretching degree (1500mpa) , and is fit for to the different earth , its various performance index is wholly superior to that of not been stretched earthwork net , and is now one kind of the most ideal muscle add and consolidated stuff
This unit haves high yield and efficiency, and the steady quality, and is the optimum selection that earthwork stuff and the plastic material goods companies opened up the fresh produce
The main technique parameter:
The main machine type:SJ-150*25
The primary electrical motor power:90-160kw
Assistance device total power:100kw
Production capacity:120-300kg/h
Drawing velocity:2.57m/min
The punching frequency:35-65time/min
Weight :20000kg
Outside dimensions:40*1.95*2.6