Sell Plastic Film Recycle Machine

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We are Professional Plastic Machine Manufacturer in Taiwan for more than 30 years.

We have supplied many our equipments to Toyota Car Corporation in Japan to them.
Toyota Car Corporation believe we are the BEST Machine Manufacturer for them, We believe we are the best choice for you, too.
The carpet products produce by our machinery are use on VW, BMW, Toyota, Honda, and ect.....

Main Products
1. Carpet Lamination Plant - Car Carpet & Carpet
1. Plastic Lamination Plant
- Weave Bag, Non-Woven,Kraft Paper
2. Plastic Film Making Machine
3. Plastic (Thick, Thin) Plate Making Machine
4. Plastic Pelletizing Machine
5. Plastic Air Bubble Making Machine
6. Plastic Flat Yarn Machine
7. Plastic Recycle Plant