Sell Plastic Food-box Making Machine

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Features and application:
Main raw material of biological degradable plastics is starch. Mixed and restructured by high speed mixing machine group, granulates are made by the double screws extruder. One-off biological degradable tableware of various specifications is then made by the shaping machine group. Biological fully degradable starch tableware is widely sued in restaurants, supermarkets, foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals agricultural as well as one-off packing material, etc. this product not only has universal suitability of normal plastics, but also can degrade naturally according to different requirements. So it sharply reduce pollution source of waste plastics. It is priority for environment protection.
Main Technical Parameter:
Model: X-65/ X-90
Max shape area: 210W300 /260W400
Production speed (item/h) : 2000
Rated power (kw) : 30/40
Vacuum pump power (kw) : 1.1/2.2
Air Presser Power (kw) : 1.5
Dimension (mm) : 4500W1000W1500/5200W1200W1500
Weight (kg) : 2000/2800
Max shape height: 70/80