Sell Plastic Injection Moulding Machine KLI-HRL268

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HRL series are energy-saving environmental, precise, efficient injection molding machinery. They adopt the latest technology in injection molding which has posed the machine in a leading position in terms of trpeatability, plasticizing speed, power consumption and noise level.
HRL series injection molding machine is extremely suitable for molding of electronic components, telecommunication devices, home appliances, toys and car components, etc.
Hytdraulic unit:
With adoption of imported famous brand bydraulic components, diferential high-speed mold clamping device, multi-level injection control and the system has employed pressure-flow ratio control with reservation of standard core puller. Large machines are fitted with logic cartridge valve system, which has secured the optimized status of machine actions.
Injection unit:
Dual guide post support, twin-cylinder balaced injection, continuous high torsion hydraulic motor directly drives the screw plastic melting device, forcefully closed type base advance device, high quality nitroalloy steel screw and feed cylinder. Bi-meltal surface treatment makes extra long service life possible. Screw of three different diameters A, B and C are available. When combining various special-purposed injection devices. It can ensure the forming of all kinds of plastic.
Electric unit:
With adoption of imported computer special for injection molding machines, CPU controlled diveded process, multi-group mold forming data storage function, multi-point PID material temperature control, injection, pre-molding and mold clamping and unclamping actions are controlled by high-precision electronic ruler to improve the response speed and stability of the control system.
Mould clamping unit:
Slant arrangement of five-opivot toggle typed mechanism, computer parameter optimized design. Based on the finite element analytic design. The mold plate adopts box typed, and intergrated structure of support frame and mold plate. Machine of some types are clip plate intergrated and adopt mechanically adjustable and moveable plate support to ensure the rigidity and service life of the mold-clamping unit.
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