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. Plastics and Plastic Raw Materials

PS, SAN, PMMA, PET, PC and alike plastic groups are being produced by SistemGrup. Since we are known to be producing with the latest technology, we are providing our customers the best prices of the plastics market in the country. Our difference is a result of our R&D investments which is constructed on our technically well trained engineers and technicians.

Beverage, fruit, bread, vegetable, and fish storage dishes; kerosene and oil barrels, automobile headlight plastics and bumpers, water pipes, bathtubs, buckets, washtubs, electric fan blades, washing machine kettles, battery boxes, television cases, refrigerator plastic parts and vaporization panels are being produced by SistemGrup. Desired size and number of plastic material orders can also be produced within our plastics product line.

SistemGrup is one of the main manufacturers of the Polycarbonate Electricity Meter Covers used by the TEDAS . In year 2003, our total production of electricity meter covers reached the number of 5,000,000. Our Polycarbonate covers are fire resistant and carrying all the standards required by TEDAS .