Sell Plastic Recycling Plants

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Plastic Reprocessing Plant consisting of Extruder with:

1. Drive Gear Unit
2. AC Motor
3. Screw Barrel
4. SS Water Tank
5. Palletizer Cutter
6. Control Panel
7. Die & Blades

90 mm 100 mm

Screw Dia (Inches) 3.5 4
L/D Ratio 24:1 22:1
Screw Drive ----With Gear Box------
Screw Drive Motor (HP) 25 30
Palletizer Motor (HP) 1.5 3
Heating Load (KW) 22 25
Palletizer Size (Inches) 8 10
Output (KG/Hr) 100 150


1. Gas Nitrated Screw & Barrel made out of high quality alloy steel duly hardened & ground for longer life & better output.

2. Reputed make gearbox & motor.

3. Separate control panel provided with temperature controller & all the necessary controls for reprocessing various grades of thermoplastics.

4. Water tank with stand provided for cooling purpose.

5. Suitable for LDPE, HDPE, PS, HIPS, ABS, Nylon, PET, PVC material.

6. Reprocessing of plastic waste materials containing high moisture level is possible without problems.

7. Reduced screw and barrel wear minimise damage to processed material.

8. Simple, robust design minimal thermal damage to the reprocessed material.

9. Produces uniform pallets.

10. Low noise emission.

11. Very attractive cost/benefit ratio.

12. Low-key service and maintenance.

The product the system produces is a pellet with high, uniform bulk density and good flow characteristics, ideal for further direct processing to make end products.