Sell Plastic Recycling and Pelletizing Production Line

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This special-purpose equipment is used to recycle leftover materials after processing
plastics and waste plastics from all kinds of products, and then pelletizing
them. It has the functions of removing air, water and residue. The machine can
directly extrude and pelletize waste agricultural film, waste woven bags, leftover
plastic materials and various heating-molding plastics in moisture (water content
not more than 10%) . Finished pellets are dense, thick and with no air bores.

Model SC-100/150 automatic feeding pellet-cutting machine is the main part of the
palletizing machine set. It carries strip-type plastic through extrusion by a pelletizing
extruder and then fixes their shapes in a cooling tank, with the help of draught pressing roller, into high-speed rotation cutter room in constant speed
and then cuts them into plastic pellets.

Extruder parameters:
1) Model number: SJP-100, 120, 130
2) Screw diameter: 100mm, 120mm, 130mm
3) Screw speed: 49/55rpm
4) Driving power: 11/15kW, 15/18.5kW, 30/37kW
5) Heating power: <=20kW, <=26kW, <=34kW
6) Waste film output: 35kg/h, 45kg/h, 70kg/h
7) Waste pipe output: 40kg/h, 50 - 70kg/h, 100kg/h
8) Dimensions: 2,500 x 800 x 1,000mm, 3,000 x 850 x 1,050mm, 3,500 x 900 x
9) Weight: 850kg, 980kg, 1,300kg

Automatic feeding pellet-cutting machine parameters:
1) Motor power: 1.1kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW
2) Haul-off speed: 13m/min
3) Cutting diameter: 1 - 5mm
4) Weight: 75kg, 95kg
ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011&3A 2000